Curriculum Vitae in English

Solveig Nordlund

Curriculum Vitae

Solveig Nordlund was born in Stockholm, but has lived and worked in Portugal since more than 30 years. She works in film and television but also theatre, where she’s worked as a producer and director. In 2012 she returned to Sweden and now lives on the High Coast in the north of Sweden.

She began her career as assistant director and editor, working in films by Manoel de Oliveira, Alberto Seixas Santos and João César Monteiro. She studied film in London and Paris. She proceeded on directing several documentaries both for Portuguese and Swedish television, other than short and feature films presented and awarded in Locarno, Rome, Mar del Plata, Rotterdam, Montréal, São Paulo, New York and Stockholm, among many other festivals.


2018 MIA COUTO, I am the author of my name. Documentary about theMozambican writer Mia Couto.

2016 BIRGIT PÅ KÖRNINGSGÅRDEN short film about the founder of Konstrundan in Nordingrå.

2016  REPUBLIKEN HERRSKOG, a documentary about refugees in a small village in northern Sweden , director Hamed Alizadeh, production Solveig Nordllund

2014 MY OTHER COUNTRY, a personal film about Solveig Nordlund´s life in Portugal through films directed by her or films she collaborated in. PORTUGUESE SOPHIA for best short documentary 2015.

2014 THE VIEW FROM MY WINDOW , short film installation

2013 MANNAMINNE documentary about the Swedish artist Anders Aberg

2012 Nós por Elas, Serie of portraits of female Portuguese writers

2011 THE DEATH OF CARLOS GARDEL, feature film based on a novel by António Lobo Antunes  Fipresci award Best Feature Film at Uruguai Film Festival.

IN TRANSIT, documentary about Portuguese artist José Pedro Croft

2010 CONVERSAS NO CABELEIREIRO, three documentaries for RTP2 about women artists

2009 O ESPELHO LENTO (The Slow Mirror), short film

Awards: Best Drama at NYC Downtown Short Film Festival

ESCREVER, ESCREVER, VIVER, documentary about the Portuguese writer António Lobo Antunes

2008 ANOTHER MEMORY, short film

2007 NÓS POR ELES (As they see us), five documentaries about foreign writers in Portugal

2005 O BEIJO (The Kiss), short film

2004 AUNT LINNEA AND THE WORLD, short film

Festivals: Gothenburg – Sweden, Fike – Portugal, Badajoz and Huelva – Spain

TOMORROW, short film, RTP release

Awards: Best Portuguese Film at Algarve International Film Festival, Best Director at Festival Curitiba – Brazil, Best Sound and Best Editing at Festival Larissa, Greece

Other festivals: Badajoz and Hesca – Spain, Jeonju – South Korea, Vila do Conde and Coimbra – Portugal, Siena – Italy, Tánger – Morocco, Manchester – UK

2003 A FILHA (My Baby, Pappas Flicka, La Fille), feature film

Theatrically released in Portugal 25th April 2003, France 10th December 2003, Sweden 13th of March 2004

Awards: Nominated for the Portuguese Golden Globe 2004 for Best Actress

Festivals: Cannes-Market 2003, Copenhagen International Film Festival 2003, Montreal World Film Festival 2003, S. Paulo 2003, Cairo 2003, Mumbai 2003, Montreal Iberoamerican Film Festival 2003, Gothenburg 2004, Mar del Plata 2004, Cleveland 2004, Minnesota 2004, Carthage 2004, Minneapolis 2004

2002 LOW-FLYING AIRCRAFT, feature film based on a novel by J. G. Ballard

Theatrically released in Portugal Spring 2002, Sweden 13th March 2004, broadcasted on BBC November 2003

Awards: Nominated for the Portuguese Golden Globe 2003 for Best Actress, Best Film at Caminhos do Cinema Português, Coimbra – Portugal

Other festivals: 16 th Singapore International Film Festival, 10º Festival Europeu do Filme Português – Prague, Mar del Plata: La Mujer e El Cine 2003, Brussels Fantasy 2002, Cairo Film Fest 2002, Cinéma Au Féminin 2002, Goteborg Film Fest 2002, Utopiales 2002, Barcelona CCCB 2008

1999 THE TICKET INSPECTOR, short film

Awards: Onda Curta Award, Avanca – Portugal

Other festivals: Uppsala and Umeå – Sweden, Aix-en Provence – France

1998 A VOICE IN THE NIGHT, short film

Festivals: Rome, Locarno, Vila do Conde

1997 COMÉDIA INFANTIL, feature film based on a novel by Henning Mankell, Swedish/Portuguese/Mozambican co-production

Theatrically released in Sweden, Portugal, Mozambique, South Africa, U.S.A., France

Awards: Grand Prix du 1er Festival d’Afrique et les Iles (La Réunion) 2004, Grand  Prix  Cannes Junior 1999, Prix de la Ville de Sainte Foy-lès-Lyon France 2000, Prix Graine de Cinéphage at Festival de Films de Femmes Créteil, France 1998, Prix CineJunior, Paris-Val de Marne 1998, Prix du Jury International Figueira da Foz 1998, nominated for the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 1998

Other festivals: Seattle, Vancouver, Créteil, Edinburgh, Mar del Plata, London, Hamburg, Galway, Gothenburg, N.Y., Portland, Nürenberg


1995 MEETING MAI, short film with Mai Zetterling

ANTÓNIO LOBO ANTUNES, documentary for SVT about the Portuguese writer

1994  SPELLBOUND, short film

1993 MARGUERITE DURAS, documentary

1992 SEE YOU TOMORROW, MARIO, feature film based on a short story by the Danish writer Grete Roulund

Theatrically released in Portugal, Sweden, Canada, Italy.

Awards: Arcachon – France, Figueira da Foz – Portugal, Huelva – Spain

1990 AN IMMORTAL STORY, documentary

Awards: The Etnographic Filmfestival in Paris 1991, Filmfestival of Valbonne, France 1992

1989 FINEBOYS, documentary for SVT about male models

1988 GLIMPSES OF LIGHT, documentary for SVT about aging musicians

1987 STIG CLAESSON and J. G. BALLARD, series of documentaries for SVT about writers

1986 JOURNEY TO ORION, short film based on a short story by J.G.Ballard

Awards: First Prize at the International Film Festival of Bilbao, Spain, 1987

1985 BARNUM, opera for Portuguese Television

HOT LINE, episode of the film

1984 WITH OTHER EYES, series of film chronicles about female film directors

1983 DISCOVERING PORTUGAL, documentary

1982 HOME, short film


1980 DINA AND DJANGO, feature film

Festival: Locarno 1982

1979 CAN’T IT BE EXTERMINATED?, series for RTP based on texts by Karl Valentin

1978 Three plays by F. X. Kroetz for RTP

1977 NEITHER FISH NOR FOWL, short film

1976 PEOPLE’S FIGHT, documentary about the Agrarian Reform in Portugal

Awards: 1st prize at the Oberhausen Filmfestival 1978

1975 DISAPPEARED, documentary series about young people

Other Films

as producer

2002 Welcome to Tomas and Jill, director: Henrik Georgsson

2004 Always on a Tuesday, director: Pil-Maria Gunnarson

2006 Keillers Park, director: Susanna Edwards

as editor a.o.

1979 Amor de Perdição, director: Manoel de Oliveira

1981 Wadi, director: Amos Gitai

1981 Babels Hus tv-serie, director: Jonas Cornell

1982 Varning för Jönssonligan, director: Jonas Cornell

1986 Moa, director: Anders Wahlgren

Stieg Trenter tv-serie, director  Jonas Cornell

1988 Fordringsägare, director: Stefan Böhm

Theatre for radio SR

1988-Autonauts of the Cosmoroute  by Júlio Cortázar

THEATRE translation and direction in Portugal

Has introduced Scandinavian playwrights in Portugal: Lars Norén, Jon Fosse, Henning Mankell and Erland Josephson and Ingmar Bergman.

Directed the following plays:

2012 SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE by Ingmar Bergman

2011: About Love, by Lars Norén

2010: LA MUSICA, by Marguerite Duras

2009: CONTRACTIONS, by Mike Bartlett

2008: THE ANTILOPES, by Henning Mankell

2007: BLACK OUT, by José Maria Vieira Mendes at the National Theatre of Lisbon – considered best Play 2007.

2005 A PIECE OF THEATRE by Erland Josephson

2004 BETRAYAL and OLD TIMES by Harold Pinter




Has studied art at AR.CO Portugal


Individual at:Teatro Municipal de Almada  2010

Individual in  Konsthallen  Kramfors  Sweden 2013

Kollektiv  Artweek at Svanö 2013

Kollektiv Kontoret Nybroviken 2013

Kollektiv Spring Exhibition Liljevalchs 2014

Individual Gallery Opus 14 in Lisbon april-may 2015

Participated in Nordingrå Konstrunda 2015

Participated in KKVHärnösands graphic exhibition in Gävle 2015