Republiken Herrskog The Republic of Herrskog

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The Republic of Herrskog in Kasseler dokfest 17/11 12 o´clock

Original title :Republiken Herrskog

pass: Herrskog
Durations: 32 min

Director: Hamed Alizadeh

Production: Solveig Nordlund, Torromfilm Sweden 2016

With the support from FilmVästernorrland, the Swedish Film Institute and Landstinget Västernorrland

With the explosion of the refugee crisis in Europe, small vulnerable refugee communities have emerged on the fringes of the big cities in Sweden. Herrskog hosts one such small colony of refugees of different nationalities. Stefan Lindquist  owner of  Herrskogs Minilivs, has made it his duty to welcome the newcomers and make them feel at home. He jokingly calls this colony, Republic of Hersskog. The director Hamed Alizadeh is one of the sweden refugees in Herrskog and he follows their daily lives waiting for the permit to stay in Sweden.

Solveig Nordlund
0046 734411825